schoolcommunityeventsWith the help of the parents, the school organizes events in the hopes of uniting the community and developing a constructive dynamic, through collaboration and sharing.  It approaches these goals in a spirit of celebration, with special emphasis on school activities. Our hope is to create several events per semester organized with the school’s calendar in mind. Here are some annual events the school organizes each year:

  • September: Back to School Potluck
  • October: Halloween Party
  • November: Angers Day Festival
  • December:The Festival of Carols of the French Legation Museum, Christmas School Performance & Recital.
  • January: L’Epiphanie & Galette des Rois (King Cake & Epiphany Celebration), JJR January Birthdays Dining Out.
  • February: School Open House, La Chandleur (Crêpe Day)
  • March: La Dictée de la Francophonie (French Dictation)
  • April: Spring Field Trip, School Carnival.
  • May: JJR French National Medalists Dining Out, End of School Year Performance.