schoollifeHere at French School of Austin, we strive to educate the whole student.

Part of our mission is to provide students with personalized services and extracurricular activities that will enable them to become successful learners and well-rounded global citizens. To achieve this mission, we provide academic and counseling services for students in need of extra help. In addition, we provide an extensive schedule of tailored after-school activities, giving students the opportunity to pursue their interests outside of class, while parents benefit from the flexible schedule and quality childcare.

School Calendar


French School of Austin has a 10-month school calendar, versus the usual 9-month school calendar. The school calendar include up to 4 additional weeks of school every year but reflects…

Typical Day


French School of Austin has a 10-month school calendar, versus the usual 9-month school calendar. Along with an extended school day (an additional 1 to 1.5 hrs per day).

Program Regulations


Our primary goal is to provide a loving, safe, stimulating environment for your child. It is important that we work together as partners and that we feel comfortable discussing your…

Summer Camps


You can’t afford or can’t send your child to France for an immersion summer camp? Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau offers fully immersed summer programs without having to cross the Atlantic.

Summer Abroad


When: Three weeks in the month of July. Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau students are offered the option to travel with our staff members to join a…

Alumni Program


Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau offers an after School Alumni Program during the school year for its students graduating at a Middle School level. Our Alumni MSP…



Knowing that the brain ceaselessly performs many functions simultaneously, therefore thoughts, emotions, imagination and predisposition operate…

Academic Awards


There is no doubt that academic competitions can serve as strong motivators for students by providing an incentive to study and work hard so they…