IMGP3589Art plays an important role in the life of Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau students. From the exploratory fingerpainting of preschool to the elementary art projects “A la manière de”, to the serious art classes in middle school, the fine arts weave their way dynamically through the life of the school.

The Arts program of Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau aim to impart to each student the cultural and artistic learning and curiosity that is indispensable to human development.

Our Arts curricula follow the guidelines set out by the French Ministry of Education. Through the arts, students develop their social civic skills while strengthening their sense of initiative and independence.

EJJR students explore various artistic areas, including visual arts, performing arts, music and theater.

Violin Program


All lessons are scheduled by the school director and the string program teacher. Lessons are scheduled individually and the students meet with their teacher on…

Guitar Program


In addition to a mandatory violin program, Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau offers optional guitar and piano lessons. Lessons are taught privately during school hours or after school…

Piano & Voice


The piano program is offered at Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau with or without the combination of the voice program. The weekly piano lessons are optional and…

Performing Arts


The performing arts program at Jean-Jacques Rousseau includes Theater and Music Appreciation. All instruction at all levels is in French. While Theater is optional, Music…

Visual Arts


The French Visual Arts curriculum supports the young artist in developing their personal vision and technical abilities through experimentation with a variety of media…

School Performances


At Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau, our school performing arts director, and curriculum advisor, Madame Louali, strongly believes that the successful acquisition of French…