math-compMathematics Competition

We’ve enrolled our Second Graders in the 2016 NLMC Mathematicscontest in March 2016, at the last minute. The competition is a semiannual problem solving contest for Elementary and Middle school students. We registered for the Spring Contest. The goal of the competition is to encourage students’ interest in math, to develop their problem solving skills, and to inspire them to excel in math. The contest is for students in grades 2-8. More than 30,000 students and more than 765 schools participated this year in this contest. The top 10% of all participants in each grade receive “National Honor Roll” Medals. The competition for the medals and the top 10% is fierce. The highest score of each team receives a “Team Winner” Medal.

And here are the 2016 winners:

  • Elias Banicki, National Honor Roll Medal
  • Isaac Ellis, National Honor Roll & Team Winner Medal
  • Eva Peyrol, Honorable Mention
  • Sebastien Montoya, Honorable Mention

French National Contest

In the French National Competition, we did it again, third year in a row! To start with, the writing scores was received back in March 2016; Almost all the students have had perfect score or missed one or two questions, and therefore eligible for participating in the Audio part of the contest. From there, the speaking section was flawless!


For those who are new to the National Contest, students are categorized into levels and divisions based on their age, native fluency background and/or the years of French immersion. They add points to the youngest students’ raw (writing) score to equalize students’ scores and obtain an adjusted score. For example, a first grader student will have two points added to their raw score so they may compete more equally with a second or a third grader in the same division.

The level of enrollment this year was a total of 90,916 participants, 3,788 in the FLES category and 834 medalists. Only the top 20% of the students are eligible to participate in the speaking portion of the contest. The competition for the top 20% ranking is fierce each year as a perfect to almost a perfect score in the written part is required to qualify for the speaking part and therefore be eligible for the status of medalist for the final results.

The Platinum Medal is given only to one person in each category (i.e the person who got the highest score among all the participants in that category. Each category has hundreds of students competing nationally. Gold is given to the top 5% of students.

This year, our school ratio of 86% national medalists one of the highest in the US and among all participating schools. This is our third year in a row to win first place in the French National Competition with Platinum and Gold Medals.

Prizes awarded in the 2016 French National Contest:

  • Platinum Medal: Highest score in the level/division – Rank #1
  • Gold Medal Students in the 95th percentile
  • Silver Medal: Students in the 90th or 85th percentile
  • Bronze Medal: students in the 80th or 75th percentile
  • Mention d’honneur certificate: Students in the 70th to the 50th percentile

And here they are, our 2016 National Medalists- Et voici le palmarès:

  • Amethyst Mellberg-Smith: Grade 6, Gold Medal
  • Aliyah Jackowski, Grade 5, Platinum Medal
  • Alita Velasco, Grade 4, Silver Medal
  • Sebastien Montoya, Grade 2 French Native Category , Platinum Medal
  • Eva Peyrol, Grade 2, French Native Category, Platinum Medal
  • Isaac Ellis, Grade 2, Gold Medal
  • Carrington Aguilar, Grade 2, Silver Medal
  • Elias Banicki, Grade 1, Gold Medal
  • Lilian Abdallah, Grade 1, Gold Medal

Congratulations to all our students for such amazing results, it is quite an accomplishment!