theenglishinstructionThough the French tradition is integral to the overall curriculum at Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau, English is by no means forgotten. The English curriculum is driven by the challenge of teaching students who are acquiring reading, speaking and listening skills in two languages, and its goal to create an environment that is both nurturing and inspiring in which to explore the English language.

English – Primary

While Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a 100% French school program at a preschool level with no English instruction in Cycle 1 (Maternelle/Preschool), students begin their English instruction starting Kindergarten or First Grade level. English courses in Cycle 2 level (Grade 1 and 2) focuses daily on phonics, reading, spelling, writing, grammar and language arts. As students advance in primary levels, the English curriculum deepens into language arts, literature analysis and writing/composition. By the end of Cycle 3 (Grade 5), JJR students become effective creative and expository writers with well-developed research skills; they are well prepared for the rigorous Middle School English curriculum of Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

English– Middle School Level

The curriculum of the English program in Middle School is driven by our exit exams, which are rigorous reading and writing assessments. To that end, students read and write about classic and modern texts while strengthening strong writing and composition skills. The small preparatory class’s environment along with a faculty with excellent academic credentials help our students develop mastery in English language and literature, as well as success in their exams and admission to preparatory high school programs in the US and Europe.