June Extended School

Why June Extended School?

Extending school hours in June to include French instruction, French and US Standardized Testing, along with a variety of engaging activities like art, creative writing, drawing, obstacle courses, music, chess, and field trips is a well-rounded approach to combat summer learning loss.
Offering such a program not only allows students to stay engaged academically but also provides them with opportunities for personal growth and enrichment through activities like art and other activities.

Integrating French instruction and testing into the extended school day is particularly beneficial for students aiming to maintain or improve their language skills over the summer break. The combination of structured learning with hands-on activities can make the experience more enjoyable and effective for students.

Providing options like obstacle courses and games adds a physical and strategic element to the program, catering to different interests and learning styles among students. This holistic approach to summer schooling not only addresses academic needs but also promotes physical activity, social interaction, and critical thinking skills.

Overall, offering a diverse range of activities alongside French instruction and testing can help mitigate the negative effects of the summer break on students’ academic skills while also providing them with a fun and enriching summer experience.

Program Details


  • Open to all students
  • No French exposure needed in preschool (age 3-5)
  • French required in Grade 1-7
  • Spots limited per age group

Dates & Hours

  • Dates: June 3-28
  • Hours: 9-3PM
  • After School Care (if offered): 3-4PM (please check with admin if offered)


  • Non-EJJR students: $350/week - after-school: $50/week
  • Discounted for EJJR students: Monthly regular tuition - $350/week if weekly enrollment

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How to Enroll Your Child


Fill Out the Application Form

You can access the form here


Submit the Required Documents

Please drop off, mail, or email the following school documents:


Submit the Payment

Drop off or mail the check made payable to Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Students cannot attend camp without the required forms and payment