Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a world-class education!

donateAs in most independent schools in the US, tuition dollars pay for the basic costs of operating our school – such as staff salaries, books and supplies, building maintenance, and general operating expenses. However, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of a world-class education.

Through the contributions of families like yours, you can help support and grow our school to become a prestigious independent school of the Austin area. Together, we will achieve this goal!

Every gift counts and your gift, at a level where you feel comfortable, will make the difference!

The Annual Fund

As an independent school, Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau relies on fundraising to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the cost of educating a child at EJJR. We are proud to say that our participation rate in the Annual Campaign is increasing every year.

What does your Annual Fund donation help us do?

  • Provide financial aid so that families from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances can come to Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Everyone benefits when our school community is diverse.
  • Maintain competitive tuition. The cost value Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau education sets us apart. In some cases, our tuition is half that of other prominent independent schools in the Austin
  • Ensure small class sizes. Dual language and differentiated learning are at the core of our program. Both require small teacher-to-student ratios to be effective.
  • Strengthen our instructional foundation. We need to provide faculty with the best teaching tools and continuing education opportunities to grow in their profession.
  • Nurture the growth of our fine arts program and athletics so we can continue to inspire creativity and promote healthy lifestyles among our students.
  • Offer enriching travelling through our abroad summer camp programs to allow our students to experience other communities and the world through firsthand, immersive opportunities, and at a very young age.
  • Provide learning enhancements and essentials. Everything we put in the classroom gives our students an extra edge

Fundraising – Silent Auction

Our Silent Auction is a special fundraising campaign. The entire Jean-Jacques Rousseau community is encouraged to mobilize to raise money. Advertising, class projects, special gift and patronage, donations from local businesses are all part of its success.

Effortless Fundraising

Help Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau raise funds by purchasing from retailers! Purchases Yield 5-8% For AISA

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